Loren A. MillerPresident/Principal-in-Charge

Loren A. Miller is a licensed Architect and General Contractor in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. For over 25 years of experience with numerous planning, design and construction projects; he is an experienced project manager and designer with a strong background in construction management. He will assist with project coordination and planning, facilities and conditions assessments, programming, design development, construction documents, and proved construction phase services. Loren ranges his experiences throughout the region and expertise in providing architecture and engineering in rural and remote areas of the Four Corners and the Navajo Nation.

Rick Destea, Project Manager

Rick Destea has 23 years of experience with a comprehensive background in project management and delivery. Rick is responsible for management of on-going projects. He effectively supervises each project’s superintendent, ensure project cost control, and schedule management. He also provides technical assistance to the overall management document reviews, manage RFI’s, progress for quality control, and attend construction progress meetings as scheduled. He has been working on projects in New Mexico and Arizona. Rick is knowledgeable with CID requirements and his experience will ensure proper planning and budgeting to set the tone for a successful project.

Robert Harmon, Jr.Project Designer/Design Manager

Robert Harmon, Jr., has 23 years of experience with providing project management by independently designing and managing a range of projects with varying degrees of complexity, purpose and scope, such as education projects and Native American projects from around the state of New Mexico. He has worked with a wide-range of projects as project manager and production manager. He has extensive exposure with private sector, municipal, state, and federal projects, including: building code and ADA, UFAS, and ABAAG analysis compliance and assessments. As well as programming, master planning, conceptual, schematic and design contracts, scheduling and construction administration. He is fully proficient in all current CAD standards, Specification writing and all current building codes. Robert’s skill includes: site investigation, construction documentation, cost estimating, engineering coordination, as well as detail development and construction administration.

Perry L. FergusonIntern-Design Architect

Perry Ferguson has more than 45 years of experience in the construction industry. Using his extensive skills, training, education, and expertise; he is pursuing architectural certification and licensing to continue being a valuable asset in the design and construction industry. Professional in Revit and BIM Operator. He’s responsible for drafting of conceptual designs, project models, construction, drawings, and project renderings. He assists in current project management, project estimates, and project scheduling. Not to mention, participates in the architectural design process and coordinates sub-consultant drawings, schedules, and contact documentation.

Calvin Thomason, Estimator/Assistant Project Manager

Calvin Thomason has over 32 years experience in the Electrical Construction Industry. He has been working on projects in New Mexico and Arizona and is familiar with the Navajo Nation requirements. He manages construction projects, which consist of coordination of all respective construction trades working together, coordinate meetings, submittal reviews and overall, project oversight. Assisting with estimates in respect to take offs, code issues and utility requirements.

Freeland Livingston,  CADD Production

Freeland Livingston has provided design and architectural support for various projects for the past two years. Freeland uses his extensive skills, training, education, and expertise. He’s pursuing architectural certification and licensing to continue being a valuable asset in the design and construction industry. Freeland is professional in AutoCAD. He’s responsible for drafting of conceptual designs, project models, construction documentation, consultant coordination, architectural detailing, specifications, and construction administration. In addition, he is able to provide 3D modeling, physical models and presentation/design.

Charlotte MartinCADD Management & Project Support

Charlotte Martin has more than 18 years of experience in AutoCAD drafting at creating technical plans and drawings for architectural and construction purposes. Utilizing the latest computer resources provides and exemplary level of client service through a streamlined, creative and efficient approach to every project. Hands-on and detail oriented, comfortable working with surveyors, engineers and clients. Char is an experienced CAD Technician with a strong background in IT. She enjoys working in a Technical manner and has strong attention span by fully concentrating on a project from conception to delivery. Knowledgeable of the principals of engineering design; she understands and interprets drawings well. Excellent communicator. She carries her own work initiative as well as a wider team. Char always ensures project work and designs are well thought out and planned to perfection and meets tight deadlines.

Laura Lee, Office Administrator

Laura Lee has more than 17 years of experience in overseeing the daily clerical and administrative operation of an office. Her responsibilities are to provide accounting and administrative support to the Project Managers during all construction and architectural phases of work. Laura ensures that human resources, office operations and procedures are organized in all departments. In addition, she assists in managing and performing a wide-range of administrative support related to construction and architectural services. She also evaluates all projects, confirm compliances to all budgets for contract services, coordinates with project managers to review all projects and maintain estimates, tracks invoices and work orders.