LAM offers the following services:

  • Architect
  • Construction
  • Design Build

When it comes to projects, our philosophy is to provide complete professional Architectural, Construction, and Design Build services that will effectively address our client’s goals and special needs. LAM Corporation has provided clients with aesthetically pleasing, cost effective designs and quality construction, which meet client’s budget and time constraints.

We have worked on a wide-range of projects throughout the Navajo Nation. We have recent successful experience with the Navajo Nation, Navajo Housing Authority, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Pueblo of Zuni, and McKinley County in design, planning, and project administration on small and large projects. We have performed comprehensive A/E & D/B services including needs assessments and remodel projects.

We have worked with diverse client groups, including government administration, facilities staff, maintenance personnel and user groups. Our project experience includes community and cultural facilities, public works projects and utilities, government administration centers, housing and general repair and renovation projects.

We, as a team, represent a unique combination of local, professional talent in architecture, engineering, construction superintendent, tradesmen, life cycle costing, project management and construction. We are excited for any opportunity to provide Architectural, Construction or Design Build services to our clients.

We, at LAM, invest our time and value to create a state-of-the-art foundation. We commit to the following results: 

DESIGN AS A CREATION OF PLACE: The design effort will respect and celebrate the energy of the land, site and create a transforming balance of built space with pristine and protected environment. We believe that architecture and interior space merges the intersection of shelter and nature; that constructed space and events are in their most successful form with a safe and revealing gateway to a rich experience of place.

SITE AND CONTEXT: Successful design should harmoniously integrate with element qualities of the site – topography, sun wind, views, and water to provide an authentic, yet protected and enjoyable interaction with climate, season and time. 

CULTURE: The timeline, history of locale and place should be clues and resources for design. Discovery and research of local myth, stories and symbol can provide enrichment for image and material in the architecture. Artisan traditions of building, craft and art are treasures for visitors to uncover, recognize and appreciate in sensitive design solutions. 

AMENTITY: Great design should provide seamless convenience, security and function, as each tactile and visual experience should be sensuous, appealing and a source of delight and satisfaction – from the grasp of well-balanced forged metal door handle to beautifully crafted woodwork. 

TECHNOLOGY: Technology is dynamic – therefore; building technology should be the basis of long-term system performance, efficiency, maintenance reduction, and evolution. Further, technology is the platform of amenity in integrating communications, video security and utilities in apparent effortlessness for inhabitants. Technology should be the servant of man’s creative comforts and desires. 

CONSTRUCTABILITY: is the art of realizing and upholding the design vision within an owner’s budget. We believe that for all design concepts, solutions can be developed which utilize efficient structure and building systems with recognition of local availability of labor and materials. With preserving the key visible proportions, space, and performance of the design, while seeking efficiency and clarity in the building skeleton and its assembly. 

VALUE ENHANCEMENT: Along with constructability, we practice value enhancement as the process of creating synergy, performance improvement and cost optimization of design. Not to stumble with cost cutting, value enhancement serves to create higher quality, higher value architecture within a stated budget. 

SUSTAINABILITY: In selecting materials and systems for our designs; we strongly believe in celebrating renewable resources and developing energy efficient approaches to climate control, using strategies such as toxic materials, paints, carpets, and construction adhesives in the interest of “healthy” building environments. We strongly believe in the conservation of precious fresh water, and utilize technologies, such as treated gray water irrigation and water harvesting. 

INSPIRATION: is a measure of true design success – we believe that great design provides its visitors with rest and renewal, visual discovery and multiple levels of awareness of culture, history, tradition and symbol.